Financial planning is made easier with RG Tax Accounting & Resolution LLC.

Financial Planning

Financial & Retirement Planning Services

RG Tax Accounting & Resolution LLC, through its tax preparation services, has always been a strong advocate for complete financial planning services. The tax return is usually at the root of many financial planning decisions. For this reason, we have continued to develop this service within our practice to include affiliation with a financial planner.

Taking this a step further, RG Tax Accounting & Resolution has established, through proper licensing, a financial planning division to enable recommendations of the most suitable investment vehicles to help our clients reach their investment goals. This licensing is in partnership with Twin City Financial Group, whose advisors and products fully compliment those of RG Tax Accounting & Resolution.

Retirement Planning

In the spirit of keeping as much hard-earned money as possible, retirement planning is a large part of our tax planning services. There are many varying retirement plans, however, no single plan fits every client’s needs. Through our deep background in income taxes combined with our renewed growing knowledge and commitment to retirement planning, we are best positioned to help make the proper decision for the client’s current and future needs.

Succession Planning

After years of building a business and accumulating assets, one of the most daunting tasks can be a plan for moving forward to the next phase of life. This next phase could include:

  • Sale of Assets
  • Sale or Dissolution of a Business
  • Retirement
  • Buy-Out Provisions
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Impact Planning